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We have been towing cars and trucks and providing roadside assistance in Belleville for over 35 years!

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Has your car ever broken down on the side of the road? If it has, then you know how stressful that situation can be. Firstly, you’re stranded without a running vehicle. Secondly, you have to pay for your car to be towed and then repaired. You don’t want to be caught up in a situation with no idea which way to turn. Quinte Towing And Recovery specializes in vehicle towing and recovery, for when you need it most – so make us your go-to towing solution.

Car Towing Services

When your car breaks down on the side of the road, you won’t have anything to worry about with Quinte Towing and Recovery. Our experienced team is on-call for 24 hours a day. We’ll send someone out to assist you promptly, without making you wait.

Flatbed Towing Services

Have you ever blown a tire, or damaged your wheels while you were on the road? This is an especially stressful situation because you can’t call someone for assistance to tow your vehicle home or to a repair shop as your car will need to removed entirely. If more than one of your tires in the front or back are damaged, you need a flatbed tow truck service to assist you. Quinte Towing and Recovery has you covered. We’ll transport your vehicle wherever it needs to go for repairs, in no time at all.

Tow Truck Services

No one likes to plan for unfortunate circumstances. However, if it should ever happen that you need a tow truck in a hurry, you’ll want to keep Quinte Towing and Recovery services’ emergency phone number saved on your phone. Our emergency line is always monitored, and we’ll come out to tow you, wherever you are in Belville or Quinte.

Vehicle Recovery Services

In the event of a severe accident, you might need your vehicle to be recovered. In a situation where your car has rolled, the tires can’t turn on the road, or the wheel alignment has buckled out of shape and can’t be towed, we will assist. Your vehicle will be recovered quickly and effectively on a flatbed truck, by technicians who are careful, safe and experienced.

Wrecker Tow Truck Services

Hopefully, you’ll never experience having a car accident so extensive that your car is totalled. Unfortunately, though, it happens. At Quinte, we have modern, state-of-the-art wrecker tow trucks which are used to move wrecked vehicles and remove them from obstructing the road.

Quinte Towing and Recovery is Quinte and Belville’s vehicle recovery and towing solution. Call us any time of day, and we’ll be there.



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